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Axis Energy is a renewable energy company who has developed a novel type of modular turbine that has applications in both distributed wind energy and marine energy. Our turbines can either be used stand-alone or in hybrid micro-grids encompassing solar energy, battery storage and smart energy management systems.


We have successfully completed testing of our first full-scale prototype wind turbine and hybrid micro-grid in Brisbane, Australia. We are currently finalising our second-generation wind turbine which we expect to bring to market in Q4 2024.


We target industrial, commercial and residential energy users in the urban environment where our wind turbine has significant advantages over other technologies. Thanks to its design, it operates safely, silently and produce day and night larger power per square metre than solar energy, thereby providing customers with low cost electricity and grid back-up during electricity outages.


Our technology also benefits remote energy users that do not have access to the national grid, including remote communities and islands, mining facilities, temporary outback projects, defence and disaster response deployments.

Our Hybrid Microgrid

Pilot installation

This clean energy power station prototype was tested in Brisbane (Australia) in 2019. It comprises a 2 kW turbine prototype, a 2 kW solar PV array and a 16 kWh battery bank.

This 20 foot container is configurable to accommodate up to 16 kW of wind power capacity.

This project is in partnership with: ​

  • Pathion Holdings Inc., a global leader in the commercial and industrial energy market bringing comprehensive energy solution complete with batteries, power conversion systems, thermal management, advanced monitoring and energy management systems.

40 foot container configuration

Example of a 40 foot container with 24 kW of wind power capacity and a 4 kW solar PV array.​ It can accommodate 548 kWh of battery storage and provides almost instantaneous (< 200ms) response in case of a grid power outage.

The modular design ensures 100% uptime as turbine stacks and battery cells operate independently of each other. If a turbine or battery module fails, the others will continue to operate normally while it is fixed or replaced.

The system can be monitored in real-time remotely.

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