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Hybrid micro-grids (wind, solar, diesel and energy storage)

Our hybrid micro-grid solution can seamlessly interchange between wind, solar, diesel, and the grid to provide uninterrupted, reliable, and low-cost electricity. The system is being monitored off-site in real-time and was designed to respond to very stringent requirements such as almost instantaneous (<200 milliseconds) power supply in case of a grid power outage.

In locations where both the solar and wind resources are adequate, a hybrid system can generate significantly more power than a solar energy system alone. This is especially advantageous for off-grid energy users and grid-connected users using batteries to store energy producing during the day as this reduces the amount of energy storage required.

Studies have shown that solar and wind are generally anticorrelated, that is windy days tend to be cloudy. In areas where land breeze is common, a wind energy system will also continue to produce energy after sunset. The ability to rely on the wind system to provide energy reduces the mismatch between the timing of energy consumption and energy production which is common in grid-connected applications.

It is possible to also connect a diesel back-up generator to the hybrid micro-grid for critical applications located in areas where both wind and solar resources can reach low levels over long periods of time.

Our hybrid micro-grids' wind, solar and energy storage capacities can be configured according to the local resources available and scaled to meet the customer's needs.

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