Axis Energy Group Pty Ltd

45 Nerang Street

Southport, Queensland 4215


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Phone: +61 488 764 724

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Our History

Incorporated in 2012, Axis Energy Group Pty Ltd has grown from humble beginnings in founder Peter Kittel's garage, into an award-winning renewable energy company. Our company has received academic and industry recognition as well as State Government support.

The technology we have developed has applications in wind and marine energy. It resolves an unmet global demand for distributed wind energy and low flow marine installations. Our novel and innovative technology is protected by multiple global patents that have been granted or are in national phase. 


Axis Energy has skilled engineering and management teams that are collaborating with Queensland universities and professional service providers to bring the technology to market. We have undergone a 5 year long research and development program using computer modelling and prototyping to validate the technology and deliver technically superior products.

Concluded research and development

  • third-party consulting engineers have provided proof of viability of project via Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling;

  • preliminary designs using in-house CFD modelling of the rotor and ducting systems;

  • three generations of prototypes completed and trialled; and

  • external pre-production optimisation of the technology

Current works

  • composite and structural engineering;

  • mould fabrication;

  • production fabrication.

Scheduled program

  • Q2 2018:  proof-of-concept wind installations completed;

  • Q3-4 2018: mass manufacture and global sales of wind installations commences; and

  • 2019: proof-of-concept marine installations completed.