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The Kittel Turbine


The Kittel Turbine is a technically superior, innovative vertical-axis turbine that is able to harness low and turbulent flows in a safe and silent manner.

Competition has been using either down-scaled horizontal wind turbines that are not designed to work in the built environment, or low efficiency vertical axis wind turbines that produce very limited quantity of power. Our wind turbine, on the other hand, was specifically developed for the built environment and is able to produce commercial volume clean power on-site, even where space is constrained.

Notable features include:

  • Designed for low and turbulent flows such as those typically encountered in the built environment

  • Ability to self-start at very low wind speeds without external input

  • Blade design minimises torque and power fluctuations, fatigue, vibrations and enhances lifespan

  • Variable speed operation that tracks maximum efficiency regardless of the incoming wind speed

  • Low rotational speed prevents noise generation and ensures safe and silent operation

Modular arrays

We believe that modularity is key to the success of any product in our rapidly-evolving society. This is why we have focused on making our turbine design modular: multiple units can be stacked vertically on a single mast to increase power production per square metre of footprint, a critical aspect in areas where space is limited. Installing our masts side-by-side with counter-rotating units results in a further increase in power generation, whereas competitors' turbines must be installed far enough from each other to avoid negative interaction between different units. Masts can be relocated, thereby allowing for temporary installations in sites such as vacant or unused land, turning them into income-generating sites.

Modularity also allows for minimised:

  • manufacturing costs (turbines are a mass-produced single design)

  • shipping costs (units are small-sized)

  • installation costs (turbines are easily handled and do not require heavy duty cranes)

  • O&M costs and downtime in the unlikely event that a unit fails (other units continue operating while the failed unit is replaced, as opposed to a single larger turbine failing and stopping energy production entirely)

This approach therefore minimises costs for clients and provides flexibility and scalability to any power requirement. A client can opt to install a certain capacity at the start of a project then decide to increase that capacity later down the track

To summarise, the technology:

  • is modular and relocatable

  • is scalable to any power need

  • has high power density (capacity for a given footprint)

  • provides a low-cost solution

  • ensures minimised downtime

The Kittel Duct

We have also developed a low-cost duct that enhances power production of the turbine by up to three times. The duct can be used with any configuration, whether it be a single turbine or an array of modules.

Our technology provides more power per square metre than solar and competing wind technologies, which is critical in the built environment given the limited footprint usually available.

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