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A wind turbine specifically designed for the 'built environment'

Unless you live around farms in rural areas far from the city, you are probably more accustomed to seeing solar panels than small wind turbines. Maybe you have even invested in a solar energy system but never really given any consideration to small wind turbines when looking into installing renewable power systems for your home, office, warehouse, factory, shopping centre or other urban infrastructure.


The potential small wind turbine market is huge but the current adoption rate is very low.


The countless small wind turbines already available on the market have received bad press due to their inability to efficiently produce power in the ‘built environment’. This is due to other manufacturers merely down-scaling the large wind turbine design typically used in wind farms without taking into account the specificities of the ‘built environment’ such as different flow characteristics, low wind speeds, high turbulence intensity, safety and noise concerns, vibrations issues, etc.


Axis Energy provides energy users located across the 'built environment' with a cost effective, sustainable and reliable solution for their energy supply requirements.


Potential built environments include, but are not limited to:


  • large industrial and commercial enterprises;

  • small businesses and offices;

  • high-rise residential buildings;

  • entertainment and sports venues;

  • hotel chains and resorts;

  • off-grid energy users (remote and/or rural industrial and commercial enterprises, island communities, mining);

  • defence and military installations; and

  • commercial and recreational ships.

For more information about suitable environments and applications, please contact us.

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